If your items are damaged, lost or stolen then having good records can halve the time it takes to settle an insurance claim.

How does lockr work?

We provide a simple way to store information about the things you own. You enter data into our easy to use interface and upload receipts, photos or other information you might want to keep. This allows you to work out what you’re worth so you can get the right level of insurance. Or you might have to move for work and need a list of your things. No matter what you need a list of your things for, lockr will help you do it easier.

How can you do this for under $1 per week?

We use the latest technology that allows us to run a very lean organisation. With a low cost base we don’t need to charge a lot. We pass those savings on to our customers – you.

Why charge at all then?

If you’re not paying for something then chances are that you’re the product. This means that free services quite often attract a hidden charge. Some providers will use you as an audience and bombard you with ads. Others will sell your data to a third party such as an insurer so they can dig deeper into your personal information. Or the provider might be trying to sell you something themselves. We’re different, you’re our customer. While we run a lean business we still have some costs associated with providing you with the best possible product. That said, there’s no hidden charges to our service and we won’t sell your identity to make a profit.

Do I need a computer to use lockr?

If you have access to the internet then you have access to lockr. It doesn’t even matter what device you use. We don’t require the installation of any special software or apps which means you can always get to your information no matter what.

If my computer, phone or tablet is stolen will I lose my information?

Apps that store information on your device can pose a security risk. If someone steals that device then your data may be compromised. We take a different approach. By having your information in the cloud even if your computer, phone or tablet is stolen you can get access to your information quickly and easily.

What if you get hacked?

We use the latest in security technology to ensure your information is always safe from prying eyes. Even if someone does gain access to our data it won’t matter anyway. We don’t store names or addresses so a hacker couldn’t even use your information as a shopping list. We really are serious about protecting your privacy.

What if I lose everything?

Our customers have found that having good records can help them settle an insurance claim in around half the time it takes when you haven’t kept good records. If you lose everything through fire, flood, earthquake or some other equally devastating event, lockr your information will be right where you need it. You can quickly compile a list of the things that you’ve lost and pass this on to your insurer to help you get back on your feet quicker than you would otherwise.

Can I use lockr to help make a will?

Yes. Our system allows you to list a beneficiary for everything you own. This makes drafting a will simpler and more complete. People will often forget certain items in their will creating difficulties when it comes time to sort this outbut with lockr it is easy to know what you own so you won’t miss a thing.

Will lockr help me value my possessions?

Yes. When you list your possessions you can put a value on each item. We can then show you the value in a category of items, a place you’ve created or for everything in total to help you determine how much insurance you need. This reduces the likelihood that you will be underinsured in the event that a fire, flood, earthquake or some other event results in a total loss of your possessions.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Even if you don’t have insurance, lockr will still be useful if you get robbed. Most people will not be able to accurately identify their goods if they were stolen. By recording key details like the brand, model and serial number, law enforcement agencies will have a better chance of recovering your items and prosecuting those responsible for the theft.

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