Access anywhere

Businesses and people are mobile and we also know that you make the choices about devices you use. We’re not here to change your mind, we’re here to make life simple. The lockr system is flexible and can be used no matter where you are or what device you own meaning that you’re free to travel where ever and when ever you like.

Use anywhere

Life is fast and you’ve got better things to do than be tied to a location to update your asset register so we let you do it on the go. If you’re at home and get a parcel delivered to your door then update your inventory as you receive it. Maybe you’re in a store buying new things for your business, do it then. Or if you forgot to do it and think about while you’re on holidays then feel free to update your list. We make your information is available anywhere at any time so you aren’t tied down.

Use any device

If your device is connected to the internet then you can use the lockr system. You might prefer Android over Apple or love your iPhone more than a Samsung phone. That’s your choice, not ours. We welcome all sorts of devices be they desktop computers or laptops, phones or tablets, we really don’t mind. We don’t even insist that you install specific software. If your device suits your life style then it works for us.

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