We love to travel. We love the sights. We love the food. We love the people. One thing we don’t love is when things go wrong.
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Living an active lifestyle isn’t cheap. Sporting equipment costs a lot of money and many of us are quite picky with what we buy. If we lose our bike, skis or other equipment we don’t want to settle for second best when we replace it.
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If you’re a photographer, a gamer or you just like your gadgets, you’re no doubt fond of your stuff. And no doubt you want to do everything you can to protect it.
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We all enjoy certain things and some of us enjoy collecting them. Even if you’re not a collector you might have a favourite watch, some valuable jewellery or be partial to buying far too many shoes.
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We get married. We buy houses. We start families. At all stages of life we want to protect our things and make sure that the ones we love have a secure financial future.
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