1. This referral promotion (the “Referral Program“), is operated by Lockr Life (ABN 48 602 286 448), operating as lockr.
  2. To be eligible to participate in the Referral Program you must be a current subscriber of lockr.
  3. All entities that you refer to lockr (“Referral”) must be submitted online using the referral code provided by lockr and all required fields must be completed for the Referral application to be further processed.
  4. lockr will review each Referral to determine whether it is an existing accredited customer or a sales lead already within lockr. If the Referral is already an accredited customer the Referral application will be rejected.
  5. In addition lockr reserves the right to reject any other Referral in the event that it determines, in its sole discretion that the Referral is not a suitable lockr customer.
  6. If a Referral is accepted lockr will notify you by including the Referral in your customer area of the lockr website.
  7. If a Referral is accepted by lockr you will be entitled to receive a payment of $5 when the Referral subscribes to the lockr service and pays all associated subscription fees. If the Referral subsequently renews their subscription you will entitled to a further $2 when the Referral pays all associated subscription fees. All fees and payments are in Australian dollars.
  8. Referral amounts will accrue and you may withdraw any amounts accrued provided there is a minimum of $50 accrued. One claim per month will be processed by lockr.
  9. Any amounts to be paid under the Referral Program will be paid to a PayPal account nominated by you. lockr accepts no responsibility for incorrect claims or payments to incorrect PayPal accounts due to any breach of security on your part including disclosure of your account details to a third party.
  10. lockr reserves the right to alter this Referral Program at any time, at its sole discretion, on a with-or-without notice basis.
  11. lockr reserves the right to notify a Referral that they have been referred by you and to inform a Referral about the Referral payment.
  12. lockr disclaims any and all liability that you may incur from this Referral Program or related to this Referral Program. If there are any third party claims against lockr arising from this Referral Program, you shall fully indemnify lockr for any damages/costs it may incur, including but not limited to all legal fees.
  13. By submitting a Referral to lockr, you agree that you fully understand and agree to these terms and conditions governing the Referral Program.



LOCKR Privacy Policy

Lockr Life Pty Ltd ABN 48 602 286 448 (we, us or our) is committed to respecting the privacy and security of our clients, partners and website users.

Through the provision of our software and services we need to collect and use personal information about clients and individuals, with the three main types of information being categorised as:

  1. Sensitive Personal Data – We may need to collect or use personal financial or medical information. For example, we may be required to store sensitive personal, financial or medical information you provide us when signing up for and utilising our services and / or software. You may also provide financial information to pay for our services. Financial information is kept secure where necessary through appropriate electronic security measures. If we do have to collect sensitive personal data for any reason we will only do so with an individual’s express consent and your voluntary disclosure in relation to what information may be collected, and how the information may be used.
  2. Personal Data – Information through which it is possible to identify individuals directly (names, addresses, contact information etc). Individuals will always know when this data is being collected through the completion of applicable registration processes or the specific request for this information to be provided for a specified purpose; and
  3. Aggregated Statistical Data – All other non-personal information that relates purely to generic statistics – whether that be via use of electronic mediums such as websites, or through statistics associated with our services.

Sensitive Personal Data

Where it is necessary to do so, we only collect sensitive personal data where there is a specific need to do so. Such information may relate to medical and financial information you provide to us when we provide services to you.

If we store sensitive personal data for any reason it is only to provide services to you or to otherwise meet any applicable legislative requirements. If that purpose is no longer applicable, that information is deleted.

You may elect to store certain information when using our services which may be considered Sensitive Personal Data. At the expiration or termination of the services, we are not responsible for the removal of any Sensitive Personal Data from our platforms where you have utilised the services. However, except to the extent described in this policy, we will not use or access this data after you have ceased using the services without your express consent.

Personal Data

We will only collect, use and transfer your Personal Data if you have consented to that collection, use and transfer, except in circumstances where it is necessary to conform to legal requirements; protect and defend our rights or property; or to protect the interests of other users.

This data is generally collected through registration systems or when you voluntarily provide information as part of our services to you, whereby you are required to enter accurate contact information to allow for the use of our services. Providing incorrect information may require the disclosure of your personal information to our affiliates and trading partners to allow for rectification of incorrect or incomplete records.

Where personal data is collected through automated registration, such as registration using other social media platforms, we may allow for pseudonyms or anonymous access where such access does not adversely affect our systems or our business needs.

If consent  has been given during the collection process, we may use, We may share your data with our partners and affiliates, and disclose that information to other select third party companies (service providers, partners or affiliates).

Were we share your personal information with third parties to provide a service, that third party can use your data but can not access that data.

You may opt out from receiving marketing material at any time by sending an email containing your name and other identifying information along with the header “Opt Out of Marketing” to support@lockr.com.au.

Disclosure of Data to Third Parties

It may be necessary to disclose your personal information to third party organisations to the extent necessary to allow for the provision of specific goods or services. This includes to any contractors we engage to provide the services.

It is important to note that any information that you disclose to our partners directly will not be covered by this Privacy Policy. This includes but is not limited to any contact information, financial or reputational data or any other sensitive or personal data that may allow the third party to identify you.

Aggregated Data

By using our services, our website or other electronic mediums, other non-personal information will be collected and used by us through the use of cookies and other electronic collection methods and may be transferred to third parties.

Statistics associated with our services will be collected without any individual being identifiable.

In addition to non-personal information collected through the ordering or registration or registration processes associated with our services, information is automatically collected about traffic around our web site. This is also only used in aggregate form and no individual user will be identified.


We may use “cookies” to speed up access to our website and to enhance your experience of the site by customising it according to your interests. A cookie is a small piece of information sent from our website to your computer to help us to identify you quickly. It is possible for you to disable these cookies by changing your browser settings, but this may slow down or prohibit access to parts of the site.


Security is paramount to us with respect to personal data. We use a variety of software to ensure appropriate security and encryption of data so as to protect against misuse, interference or loss of information, or from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Maintaining Information

Should an individual require access to, or wish to correct the Sensitive Personal Data (if any) and/or Personal Data collected and stored by us, an email with the relevant contact details should be sent to [Insert email address]. We will endeavour to provide access or correct information, where that action is reasonable and practicable. Pursuant to the Australian Privacy Principles we may impose a reasonable fee for this service where it is reasonable to do so.

Making a Complaint

If you wish to make a complaint with regard to a possible breach of this Policy or the Australian Privacy Principles, or for complaints regarding handling of your other requests or enquiries in relation to this policy this can be done by emailing us at support@lockr.com.au.

What happens to my complaint?

  • When we receive your complaint we will contact you when reasonably practicable to let you know that we have received it.
  • We will use reasonable endeavours to investigate the complaint and aim to resolve it.  We may contact the person for further information.
  • We will write to the person and let them know the outcome. We will use reasonable endeavours to resolve the complaint within 30 days however some complaints are more complex and take longer. We will keep the person informed if this is the case.
  • If for some reason we cannot resolve the complaint (for example, the issue is outside our responsibilities), we will write to the person and let them know.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) whose details follow:

Phone:  Enquiries Line on 1300-363-992; or

Web:    www.oaic.gov.au

Post:    Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001


Privacy changes

To keep this information current and accurate, we will review and update this Privacy Policy and post the changes to this page.



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