Why choose lockr?

We’re not your insurer

We don’t work for your insurer

You’re our customer

We’re not the only product out there but you already know that. We are the best one though and here’s why.

Many of our competitors don’t charge a fee to use their service. This begs the question, how do they stay in business? The answer is simple, they’re probably selling your private details to someone.

Others don’t sell it but they are an insurer. Do you really want your insurer trawling through your possessions? It’s none of their business if you ask us.

Some even track your location using their app. It’s like big brother is watching your every move.

We work for you

We don’t do any of those things. We’re not an insurer and we don’t work for one. We work for you.

From day one your details are private. We don’t even ask your address and you don’t have to tell us your name if you’re not comfortable with that. It’s entirely up to you.

Our system has been designed from the ground up with you in mind. It’s simple, flexible and all about the consumer. The lockr system has not been developed for the benefit of an insurer, it’s made for you.

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