Why we started lockr

We started lockr after being robbed. We lost thousands of dollars because we didn’t have an accurate, up to date home inventory and couldn’tmake a complete insurance claim for all the things that were stolen or damaged. On top of this we couldn’t provide the police with information like serial numbers to recover our property or lay any charges.

To add insult to injury some of our personal property was offered for sale on social media and various classifieds websites but despite knowing it was ours, the police were powerless to take action because we didn’t have the required proof. It was almost as though the thieves were taunting us knowing full well that they would get away with it because like most people, wewere disorganised. As a result, we launched lockr.

lockr allows you to manage your home inventory and store it securely so if something does go wrong you have all the information you need to make a claim on your insurance and provide the particulars to police. This will do nothing to take away from the emotional toll of losing your possessions but we hope that it will help make your life easier and return to normal sooner.

Our idea is to provide comfort to you and at the same time make it more difficult to criminals to get away with violating your privacy. We do this by giving you the power to accurately calculate how much insurance you need, supplying the tools for you to make a claim and giving you the ability to provide law enforcement with the details of your things.

We hope you’ll find lockr a useful tool to securely manage your home inventory and reduce the trauma associated with property loss.


Michael and Kelli, lockr

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