Love your diamonds? Love to travel?

Here’s a few things you can do to help minimise the stress of travelling with your favourite pieces of jewellery whether it’s diamonds or gold.

Research has shown that around 80 per cent of people will take their favourite pieces of jewellery with them when they travel with the most common items being watches and engagement rings. If you’re male or female chances are you’re travelling with some fairly valuable items and you probably don’t want to lose them along the way.

This isn’t surprising as many of our jewellery items become part of who we are. Quite often we’ll have that go to piece of wearable art that we always wear. For men it is most commonly a watch but may also include a wedding ring. For women it may be a bracelet, necklace, rings or watch. In any case, we chose these items because we liked them and we wouldn’t want to part with them.

Even men wear jewellery when they travel

Even men wear jewellery when they travel

So what can you do to avoid losing these precious items?

Here’s 6 quick tips.

  1. Don’t take it all. Only pack those items that you are most likely to wear on your holiday. There’s no point risking additional items when you won’t get to show them off in any case. Pack a watch, your rings and a necklace. No one will notice you’re wearing the same thing for a few days in a row!
  2. Wear it. Don’t put valuable items in your check in luggage. If you’re wearing it and your bags go missing at least you’ll have your valuables with you. And if you’re not going to wear it then at the very least, put it in your carry on luggage.
  3. Get insurance. Check your home insurance and check your travel insurance. Some policies won’t cover your jewellery or will have limits on the cover. If the worst does happen and something goes missing you’ll want to be sure that you have the correct cover in place.
  4. Store things in the hotel safe. Most hotel rooms come with a safe nowadays so use it. They’re simple and relatively secure. If you have to leave something in your room while you go out for the day then you may as well make it as secure as possible.
  5. Document your things. Take photo’s, keep receipts and get valuations before you leave. Store it in lockr so you have ready access to the documents in case you need to claim on your insurance. Keeping an inventory is inexpensive, replacing a diamond isn’t.

On some occasions you may not be able to keep your valuables with you so keeping all the above tips in mind will help protect your things. If you go swimming at the beach you may want to avoid damaging precious stones like diamonds while you swim. Or you could simply remove your rings so you don’t lose them, in this instance use the hotel safe.

You should be doing fun stuff at the beach and not worrying about your precious diamonds

You should be doing fun stuff at the beach and not worrying about your precious diamonds

With 60 per cent of jewellery that is lost on holidays never being replaced because a few simple precautions were ignored it may pay to keep all of the above in mind. Don’t let the emotional toll of losing your jewellery stress you out for the rest of your holiday. Be prepared and avoid the hassle.


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