You’ve spent thousands of dollars paying insurance premiums over the years but will your insurer be there when you need them?

If you need to make a claim on your insurance then you’re going to need some information. Insurers will require proof of ownership for the things that you have lost and this proof is information that most of us don’t keep. This includes:

Original receipts,

Valuation reports,

Medical certificates,

Product make, model and serial numbers, and

Photographs or videos of property or items.

On top of this your insurer will likely ask for a police report. Do you have that information handy? Most people don’t. Using lockr is an easy way to organise your information so it is accessible when you need it.

“It’s like having insurance for your insurance”

Store the details of your things with us and you’ll be prepared. And our experience shows that you’ll also settle your claim in around half the time it takes if you don’t have this information.

Keep your insurer honest

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