Pay less on insurance premiums

We take the guess work out of working out what you’re worth. With an accurate valuation of your things you can ensure that your insurance coverage is exactly what you need and avoid paying for more cover than is necessary. Better still, you won’t be out of pocket due to under insurance meaning you’ll be able to rebuild your life quicker should the worst happen.

Value your stuff

When you enter information into we automatically keep track of what you’re worth. You can break this value down by the type of item or the location of your things. By having an accurate value of your things sorted by their location you can get a better deal on your insurance and make sure that you’re not going to be underpaid if you need to make a claim.

Store information

If you do need to make a claim then all of your documents will be stored in the one place and easily accessible. With all of your records stored safely in you can rest assured that your claim will be processed faster and more likely to be approved. The same goes for warranty claims, having your receipt will make the all the difference if you need to replace faulty items or get a refund.

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